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frequently asked questions

What is your service area?

Greater Cape Town and surrounds.

How long does a fence installation take?

Generally speaking, the installation depends on the quantity of the project. The type of fence, length, and site conditions all contribute to how long it takes.

How much will an installation cost?

Each project has its own bespoke requirements, and therefore varies in cost. Factors like the type of fence, length, and site conditions all contribute to the cost.

How close to the boundary line can a fence be installed?

In most cases the fence can be installed on the boundary line.

What is the best low maintenance & most durable fence?

Clearview style fencing which is galvanized & PVC coated for maximum corrosion resistance.

Can my fence match my gate?


Can a clearview style fence be cut or scaled?

These fences are anti-climb & anti-cut.

Do you do fence repairs?


What is the difference between Allview, ClearVu & Betaview?

Clearvu is a product from JHB, whereas Betaview is manufactured in Paarl, and Allview is manufactured in Blackheath. All 3 brands have the same credentials regarding wire thickness, and very similar properties with the coating, as well as a 10-year limited warranty.

Can the panels be customized?


What are the coatings for coastal regions?

Galvanized with PVC.

Does my fence need to have concrete around the posts?


Will the palisade be bolted or welded?

It is a bolt-on system (Tamper proof) which allows us to accommodate the sloping terrain very well, vs the limitations of a welded system.

Will my alarm be triggered when the electric fence is cut?

Yes, if it is installed properly.

Is it lethal?

No. The fence output is high voltage current with low amps. Unless the intruder gets a constant shock.

Does my motorized gate require infrared beams?

Yes, to ensure that the gate doesn’t close on a person or vehicle.

Can you fit an electrical lock and intercom system to a pedestrian gate?


Can the gate close automatically?

Yes, by installing an overhead closure.