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Electrified Fencing

Electrified fencing - Electrified fencing is the most popular, effective & respected wall-top deterent in South Africa, Here is some info:
Provides 6000-8000v non-lethal shock.
Available in various application options
Triggers alarm if cut or tampered with.
Can be link to armed response.
Can be used in conjunction with cctv systems
Power comsumption almost equavalant to home alarm system.
Remains active 24/7 unless swith of manually
Very user-friendly.
Up to 8 hours battery back-up in case of power failure.
FZ fences meets all SANS requirements.
FZ uses only guaranteed Nemtek products
Very low maintainance (if installed properly

About FenceZone

FenceZone specializes in quality perimeter security solutions. FenceZone was established by Jaco Mostert who has been in the construction and security industry for over 16 years. At FenceZone we are committed to addressing 2 major areas of concern in South Africa, namely: Quality service & Quality security. To ensure that our customers receives maximum value for money & peace of mind, every installation by our well trained and experienced installers are fully inspected, tested and signed off by the operator on duty. FenceZone’s service areas include greater Cape Town & surrounds,Helderberg,Boland and West Coast. If quality service and security is your concern FenceZone will supply the solution.

Phone: 079 936 0799
Email: fencezone@hotmail.com